Rolex 116660 Explore Deep Sea Uncharted

In 1960, after the Trieste sneaked into the rolex replica Mariana Trench, which reached 10916 meters (51814 feet), there was no human presence in the closest place to the Earth's core. Peer also has an experimental nature of the replica watches uk Special swiss replica watches, it is mounted on the submarine's shell, in the whole process of exploration, watches threw as good as ever. VX: ting715855 Brand: Rolex Model: 116660 Diameter 44 mm, stainless steel and titanium case Black ceramic Cerachrom bezel Time indication, date window with automatic nitrogen drain valve 3135 automatic movement, COSC Observatory certification Power reserve for 50 hours Sapphire crystal mirror, screw-in bottom cover Waterproof 3900 meters VX: ting715855 Rolex 116660 automatic nitrogen valve As early as 1967, Rolex will be launched in the Sea-Dweller watch automatically row of nitrogen valve, and later the Deepsea watch the same device design, it can be in the state of pressure to reduce the first case of high-pressure gas discharge , To avoid the mirror burst. Rolex 116660 dial, the first use of two-color dial This watch with blue, black two-color dial, from dark blue to black gradient treatment, representing the color from the sea level to the deep sea. The future to commemorate the cooperation, the dial on the DEEPSEA words, especially Cameroon take the color of the green submarine. Rolex 116660 double material bottom cover design Deepsea is Rolex's first combination of titanium and stainless steel double bottom cover, the middle is gray-black titanium metal cover, through the external stainless steel ring lock, in the 1960s and 1970s, many watches with such a design The Rolex 116660 watch equipped with 3135 automatic movement, using two-way automatic winding system, with a sensitive and fast on the chain characteristics. In addition, fixed in the arms of the horizontal watch under the bridge of the screw fine-tuning balance wheel, through the balance wheel inside the four fine-tuning screws, accurate fine-tuning time, with high resistance to magnetic and shock resistance of the blue Parachrom Breguet-style hairspring , Can be easily certified by the Swiss COSC Observatory.

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