Used Rolex 118238 gold table how much money recovery

Often encountered a customer asked, with the rolex replica gold, are spent more than 20 million bought, why the price difference so big, was asked is this replica watches uk 118238 gold watch. Rolex is the gold rolex replicas does not open a benchmark brand, generally known as the Rolex gold watch for the "gold". In the eighties and nineties of the last century, gold was the most intuitive symbol of wealth. In the poor channel of the mainland market, it is to become the representative of the top luxury watch, gave birth to a huge market imagination and desire. Rolex 118238 production in 2006, it is clear that more than 18238 years out for many years, this Rolex made by 18K gold, 12 o'clock by the big diamond embellishment. Typical successful people, local tyrants of the standard, just out of time, a lot of love workers rush, so far also Rolex inside the hot models. And 18238 as predecessors, probably the time is in the late 80s of last century, people familiar with Rolex know, Rolex has the prefix, through the prefix, the old drivers are aware of the prefix can see the production year. Probably inferred that in 1987, that is, the earliest R prefix. Old Rolex is generally used in small square drilling plus luminous point of the structure, so it is better to identify the difference between the old and new models. In general, 118238 are the output in recent years, in terms of walking time and fineness will not be too bad, the time to create a distance with the root of the two different prices, with the 3155 movement itself in the process and watch complex Chengdu is not much difference. In the case of the difference above the watch ear polished with the drawing process is 18238, with the polishing process is 118238. Of course, between the two clasp, the thickness of the case there are differences. Carefully found that these problems can be found. Through the above detailed comparison, found the most important problem or time, the factory time difference of more than ten years, this may be the second-hand price gap is relatively large reasons. Of course, watch fineness, the state is considered within the scope of.

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